What is Moodle?

At present the UCL School of Pharmacy uses Moodle as its virtual learning environment (VLE) system.

Moodle is used as an additional tool to support the delivery of the Diploma. Providing supervisors from accreditated training centre's the opportunity to share resources and view strategies and tools produced locally to teach the Diploma in General Pharmacy Practice online.

How to access Moodle?

You will require a username and password in order to access Moodle.

The access the Moodle website please click the link below:

Obtaining a Moodle Username

UCL will provide Practitioners with their Moodle username and password after they have enrolled on the PG Diploma in General Pharmacy Practice programme.

New Supervisors must complete the registration form for a Moodle username and password. Supervisors will be asked to provide the following details; supervisor's name, date of birth, email address, hospital and name of their practitioners.

Current supervisors/ Educational Programme Directors who need their passwords resetting or have forgotten their usernames will need to contact UCL's Information Service Division.